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Drone Aerial Surveys

The Precision Knowledge UAV / drone, with its combination of thermal and digital camera, offers aerial imaging for land surveying, inspection and monitoring for large area and high risk zones.

Precision Knowledge offer a complete solution, by providing accurate aerial mass data capture. This data can be merged with 3D laser scanning and traditional site control to provide a precision measurement solution in a manageable format to produce topographical survey data, DEMs, asset inventory, volume calculations, condition surveys and point clouds. Aerial surveys can also produce aerial stills, videos and thermal imaging in addition to point cloud data.

Large scale mapping projects can be executed at an affordable price. UAV / drone based land surveying and mapping represents a very efficient complement to traditional survey methods.

The delivery of the mass data is paramount to us, the Precision Knowledge team ensure that you, the client, are comfortable and confident in using the data we produce for you.

All Precision Knowledge UAV operators are fully qualified with the appropriate CAA permit.


  • Land surveying and mapping areas of any size
  • Surveying and mapping of construction sites, construction progress, mines, gravel pits, remote working, regional development, flood plain
  • Inspection and survey of land, embankments, dams and retaining walls
  • Archaeological surveys and excavation monitoring
  • Geographical information system applications (GIS)
  • Inspection of infrastructure such as bridges, roads, railways, power lines, power poles, underpasses, tunnels and wind turbines
  • Inspection of potentially hazardous industrial facilities
  • UAV / Drone-based surveying and measurements of objects and areas to create point clouds, digital terrain modelling (DTM), digital elevation modelling (DEM) and volumetric analysis.


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3D electronic documentation is perfect medium for evidential documentation
Using data captured for Health and Safety induction training
Minimises time on site – up to 60% project dependent, subsequent work is carried out off
Risk Mitigation
Assists in avoiding Costly Downtime
Plus so much more!